Why choose Shanghai Longman Schools?

Shanghai Longman Schools has over 16 years experience in the ESL industry serving greater Shanghai’s young learners’ needs with its 20 campuses. We offer modern facilities, the best course materials available, top-notch teacher training, ongoing career development training, and all the support you expect from a first class company. Our campuses employ the latest in interactive whiteboard technology, are designed to be an ideal place for children to learn, and are conveniently located throughout the city within easy access of public transit.

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What will I need to do before I leave?

You will need to get a work visa before traveling to China. This will take several weeks and may require you provide the official Chinese travel agency with documents such as a copy of your degree, your resume, and a criminal background check from your local police station.

We will provide you with our official employment invitation letter and help guide you through this process.

What should I bring with me?

1) Bring enough money.

Shanghai can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. The median income is about 5000rmb a month, but renting a flat can cost you considerably more. The same goes for food. You could spend 50rmb a day on meals or spend 300rmb per meal. You won’t really know how much you will have to spend until getting here and paychecks only come once a month so you should have a comfortable buffer of cash to see you through the first weeks.

If you plan to rent your own flat you should bring the equivalent of 20,000rmb and if you plan to look for shared accommodation you can make do with less.

2) If you’ll need a credit card, bring one with you.

Credit is not international. It is dependent on the country or region you live in. Therefore, if you have a great credit score in the US, it doesn’t mean you have credit anywhere else. In China, you have none. So, if you think you might want to use a credit card during your time in Shanghai,bring the one you already have.

3) Bring originals of all official documents you may need: Degree, Certificates, Criminal Record Check, etc.

Don’t forget vital official document in their home country. This causes a big headache as your work permit cannot be converted to the residence permit which entitles you to live and work in China without them.

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What happens when I arrive?

Upon arrival we will meet you at the airport, give you a welcome package, and take you to your temporary housing. After you are settled, we will assist you in locating a suitable place to live, help to open a bank account, and assist you in processing all the legal documents to start your career as an English Teacher at Shanghai Longman Schools.

Will Longman Schools Shanghai train me?

After arriving and getting settled in you will be assigned a campus and enrolled in our New Teacher Training program. Here you will learn all about the programs we offer, how to teach each of them professionally, and also a great deal of information of childhood development, classroom management and discipline, and about second language acquisition in young learners.

Throughout your time at Shanghai Longman Schools, you will be constantly involved in professional development training so you can continually improve your teaching skills. Your performance will be evaluated and you will be given feedback as to your progress in becoming an English teaching professional.

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Is there a structured curriculum at Shanghai Longman Schools?

Yes. When teaching English at Shanghai Longman Schools you will be using our proven conversation focused 3P’s approach to language instruction with up to date Longman coursebooks and materials. Our comprehensive curriculum has been developed with the young Chinese learners in mind and currently incorporates Pearson Longman’s Beeno/Phonics series of books, Big English, and several others for teenagers. Each course level has strict student outcomes and students are encouraged to meet all of them to make language progression seamless from each level to the next.

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When I arrive to teach English at Shanghai Longman Schools where will I be working?

Shanghai Longman Schools has 20 locations throughout the Shanghai metropolitan area for teaching English to young learners. After you arrive you will be assigned to a teaching location that where are currently in need of new teachers.

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What are my teaching hours?

Our standard contract is for 24 teaching hours per week. Classes are scheduled for the weekend primarily, but you will have classes during weekday evenings as well. Every teacher gets two days off per week.

How large will the classes be?

For pre-school children’s courses, the class maximum is 12 students though you may have classes with as few as 8 in attendance. For older students the class size is limited to 15 students though it is often the case that classes are much smaller at higher levels.

For all your classes, you will have a native Chinese co-teacher to assist you in conducting your lessons.

Does Longman Schools Shanghai have a dress code?

Yes. All employees are expected to dress in a professional manner and to wear company supplied polo shirts while teaching classes.

What can you tell me about living in Shanghai?

Shanghai is one of the worlds largest cities and the most cosmopolitan place to live in mainland China. Whatever lifestyle you have, Shanghai will have the facilities to satisfy your hobbies, interests, and free-time activities. Check our Links page for more information.


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