Longman Schools Headquarters
Office Address: Hongkou Plaza Towers, Tower A, 388 West Jiangwan Road, 19th Floor

Transportation: Subway Line No. 3,8 Hongkou Football Stadium Exit 4

Pudong Campus
Campus Address: Pudong South Road, No. 855, 1st Floor, World Square

Transportation: Metro Line 2 Dongchang Road Exit 3

Wulian Campus
Campus Address: 624 Road, Pudong New Area, Wulian

Transportation: Subway Line 6 Wulian Road, near Lancaster Road Wulian Road, near Wenfeng Square

Daning Campus
Campus Address: 3rd Floor, Canton Road, Zhabei District, No. 805

Transportation: Subway Line 1 Shanghai CircusWorld

Yunshan Campus
Campus Address: Cloud Road, Pudong New Area C, 3rd Floor, 886

Transportation: Subway Line 6 Yunshan Road Station, Exit 3, above the Flower Market, 3rd floor

Hongkou Campus
Campus Address: Hongkou Plaza, Block B, 388 West Jiangwan Road, 4th Floor

Transportation: Subway Line No. 3,8 Hongkou Football Stadium Exit 4

DMZ Campus
Campus Address: Middle Yanggao Road, Pudong New Area, 2112 JIELONG Park Headquarters, 3rd Floor

Transportation: Subway Line 9 Middle Yanggao Road station, near Nanyang Jing Road

Yangpu Campus
Campus Address: 151 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, 4th floor

Transportation: Metro Line 10 Riverside Stadium Station (across from Wal-Mart)

Baoshan Campus
Campus Address: Mudanjiang Road, Baoshan District, No. 1255 F Shun Square District, 2nd Floor

Transportation: Subway Line 3 Bao Yang Road

Xinzhuang Campus
Campus Address: City Road, Minhang District, 5001 Zhongsheng Road, community mall 3F

Transportation: within the Metro Line 1 Xinzhuang, South Exit

Qibao Campus
Campus Address: No. 3155 Minhang District Qixin Tesco Stores Riverside, 4th Floor

Transportation: Metro Line 9 Qibao Station

Xuhui Campus
Campus Address: Nandan Road, Xuhui District 3 on the 18th floor

Transportation: Subway Line No. 1,9, 11 Xujiahui Station

Minhang Campus
Campus Address: Minhang District Shensong Road (near Xin Road) 58 Li Po Plaza, Building 3, 2nd floor

Transportation: Metro Line 1 Xinzhuang, North Exit

Changning Campus
Campus Address: 1158 Chang Ning Road, 1st Floor, Beethoven Plaza

Transportation: Subway Line 2,3,4 Zhongshan Park

Jianhe Campus
Campus Address: 537 River Road, Changning District #539

Transportation: Subway Line 2 Beixinjing Station, west of Union Road near Xian Xia

Jiangwan Campus
Campus Address: 458 Yixian Road, Hongkou District, Lane

Transportation: Subway Line 3 Jiangwan Town, Exit 5, near An Road, next to the fire station

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